10 Sure Signs that Your Child is a Good Sport
June 23, 2018

10 Sure Signs that Your Child is a Good Sport

Is your child a good sport when he or she competes?

Sportsmanship is highlighted a lot these days as the globe rallies around World Cup Soccer.  We hear touching stories and see poignant pictures of athletes and fans showing compassion on the big stage of soccer’s biggest event.

But what does being a good sport look like in the every day nitty gritty of your child’s games and practices? In the midst of the blood, sweat and tears of child’s play?

It’s good to point to examples like we see in professional sports of athletes being a good sport, but let’s teach our kids how to put the concept of good sportsmanship into action.

Signs of a Good Sport

What does being a good sport really look like for your child?

  • A good sport congratulates his or her teammates for outstanding performance and effort. High fives and fist bumps will do.
  • A good sport acknowledges an opponent’s outstanding performance and effort. More high fives or fist bumps.
  • A good sport stays positive when pulled out of the game even if he’s eager to keep playing.
  • A good sport does not argue or talk back to the coach.
  • A good sport does not mouth off or argue with officials.
  • A good sport supports the team by cheering and encouraging even if he is on the bench.
  • A good sport does not blame teammates for mistakes; he accepts responsibility for his own errors and if a teammate does mess up, he pats him on the back and tells him he’ll get it next time.
  • A good sport offers a helping hand to any player who has fallen–friend or foe.
  • A good sport looks for ways to help the team and make his teammates look better instead of focusing on how good he looks.
  • A good sport congratulates the other team and coach after the game, win or lose.

Source: https://jbmthinks.com

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