10 Things Every Soccer Mom Must Have on The Sidelines

10 Things Every Soccer Mom Must Have on The Sidelines

“Mama, I am hungry…., it’s so hot, I am bored, is the game over yet?” If I had a dime for every time I heard those words last year, I could run away to a private island and have a nice quiet vacation by myself – far away from whining.

Thankfully things got better as the months passed, less complaining, more smiles. Over time, us moms learn what is needed to silence the masses and keep everyone happy – regardless of the circumstances.

Our first season as a travel soccer family is drawing to a close. As a matter of fact, our son is going through try-outs for the next season. As I sit back and reflect on life as a soccer parent, I have to admit that although it’s busy, tiring and sometimes hard to juggle everything – this has really brought us together as a family.

When we pack our bags in the morning and head to the soccer fields, it is crucial that we pack JUST the right things for everyone to have a great time. After the 47th time hearing, little sibling voices ask “is it over yet” you come to realize that maybe, just maybe your bag is lacking crucial must-have items.

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