10 Ways to Show Kindness on the Soccer Field

10 Ways to Show Kindness on the Soccer Field

When it comes to being on the soccer field, the kids have one thing on their mind. They want to score a few goals and beat the other team.

Our society has drilled it into the minds of our kids that they need to win. Well, when it comes to soccer or any other team sports, there is more than just winning. In fact, sometimes someone needs you to be kind. Our soccer team moved up to the Under 10 division while the kids on the team were all 7 years old. We were winning every game in our division (dominating really) so the decision was made to move them all up early. 

We lost every single game that first season.

The opposing kids were giants compared to our kids. But–they learned to lose with grace and to be happy for every achievement, even if it didn’t score a goal. They also learned to be kind to each other and their opponents. This season we have won every game but one, but the biggest win has been how our kids react to other players. Check out these 10 ways to show kindness to someone on the soccer field. When all the kids are happy–win or lose–the game is much more fun.

  1. Help them up- Part of soccer is falling down, help them get back up!
  2. Bring an extra bottle of water- All of that running around can make a kiddo thirsty, offer them your extra bottle of water.
  3. Bring an extra snack- Working up an appetite is always possible whenever on the soccer field. Allow your little soccer player to offer another child a snack.
  4. Just be nice- Teach your child to play nice and to be nice while on the soccer field.
  5. A hug goes a long way- Feelings get hurt on the soccer field for one reason or another. Teach your child to show compassion with a hug.
  6. Be a good example- As a parent on the soccer field, it’s important to be a good example to your own child. They are looking to you to know how to act.
  7. Help out when you can- Another way to show kindness on the field is to help out when you can. If you see someone in need, help them out.
  8. Strike up a conversation- Sometimes it’s the little things like asking someone how they are doing. By striking up a conversation, you’re really being kind.
  9. Smile at someone- If you cannot think of anything nice to do on the soccer field, simply smile at someone.
  10. Go above and beyond- If you get the chance, go above and beyond for someone who needs it. This is a great tip for a parent and a child.

Showing kindness on the soccer field goes for both adults and children. When children see adults being kind, they are much more likely to be kind themselves. What tips do you have for showing kindness on the soccer field? Has anyone ever went above and beyond to show you kindness on the soccer field?

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