11 Stupid Things That Sports Parents Say

11 Stupid Things That Sports Parents Say

Ever sat in the stands and heard sports parents make some pretty ridiculous comments?

I asked parents to share stupid things that they’ve heard sports parents say before, during or after a game and these are the responses I got:

  • The other team must be paying off the umpire. How much do we have to pay the refs so we can get good calls?!?!
  • Now throw it in tight and take his $&?!ing head off! – U14 baseball.
  • I can’t believe I missed my pedicure for this crap! (said by a mom on my son’s soccer team who was down 4-0)
  • Why are you putting her in? She’s even slower than the player she’s going in for!
  • You’d better not let me see you crying!!!
  • Wipe that smile off your face and get to work!
  • I CANNOT believe you missed that shot! What are you thinking???
  • What the heck’s wrong with you, son? Are you that stupid? Move your butt and go get that ball! 
  • Coach, what are you doing? Trying to lose the game??
  • Did you put your sisters panties on this morning?!? (6-9 year-old football
  • How embarassing! That QB is a junior still playing on Junior Varsity! 

And who gets the prize for most ridiculous Action? The father of a varsity hockey player who was thrown out of his son’s game for shining a lazer light in the opposing team’s hockey goalie’s eyes during the game! Are you kidding me??

I’m not sure whether to laugh or get mad at the lunacy. It is all around us, parents and coaches, and we must stand up strong for good sense and positive sports parenting. You may not be able to change the stupidity of some sports parents and coaches, but you can strive to be a positive voice that drowns out the idiocy.

Source: https://jbmthinks.com

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