3 Great Soccer Drills That Can Be Done At Home

3 Great Soccer Drills That Can Be Done At Home

As a parent, we want our children to perform to their greatest ability. In addition to weekly practices, many of us are constantly looking for ways to help our little soccer players hone their skills. By coming up with fun soccer drills to do at home, your kids will be able to build muscle, stamina, coordination and greater love for the sport. Here are three great ideas for at-home soccer drills that will enhance your athlete’s ability to excel on the soccer field:

1. Obstacle Courses

First off, obstacle courses are one of those activities both kids and adults love. The majority of moves required in soccer involve the art of dribbling; this is a great option for your athlete. By attempting to dribble the ball around objects of varying shapes and sizes, your child will work on how to control the directionality and speed of the ball.

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This is a great at home soccer drill whether you are the parent of one or many young players. The obstacle course could vary in size and you can use whatever items you have around the house. Try using old cardboard boxes, stools, chairs, or whatever other stationary objects you can find – even outdoor toys and equipment. It’s a great way to be creative and encourage your kids to really perfect their dribbling skills.

For an added element of excitement, make the obstacle course a family activity and use a timer. Everyone will enjoy comparing their completion times and your child will be able to see how they improve over time.

2. Target Practice

If you are looking for a soccer drill that will help your child with their aim then this is the ideal drill for them. This drill is great for helping your child learn how to control the ball and kick it toward a particular object, such as the goal or another teammate. The set up for this soccer drill is simple. All you need is a box and a wall to sit it against. Have your child stand in one spot and try to kick the ball into the box. Once your child has mastered kicking the ball to that particular, change the spot he or she kicks from.

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If you have older children then they may enjoy having a moving target. Either you or one of your other children can act as the moving target. This activity will not only help your child work on their aim and strength of their kick, but it will help them learn how to deal with opponents on the field.

3. Around the World

If your child needs even more chances to improve their drilling skills then this is the perfect drill. It’s similar to the obstacle course but helps your child learn how to control the ball much better. To set up this drill, create a large circle with either a long piece of string or various objects. The goal is to have your child dribble the ball as closely to the edge of the circle as possible without touching it.

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For a little extra fun, add some music to the drill and tell your child to keep pace with the beat. This will help them with both their precision and focus.

With these soccer drills, your budding athlete will be zipping down the field, passing to teammates and ensuring every goal is met. And, to top it off, they’ll excel in all of their soccer endeavors.

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