4 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Child’s Soccer Season
March 20, 2018

4 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Child’s Soccer Season

Do you have a kid who loves to play soccer? Soccer season is right around the corner, which means soon you’ll need to work practices, games, and extra travel time for travel games into your schedule. Fitting sports in with work, school, and other activities can be a challenge, so we’ve come up with 4 tips to help you prepare for your child’s soccer season ahead of time.

Organize Your Schedules

If you haven’t yet started a family schedule, now is the time to do that, combining all of the schedules for all family members into one master calendar. Having everything together in one place makes it easier for you to identify potential conflicts with your child’s soccer practices and games.

Looking for a free calendar that will go everywhere with you? Google Calendar might be the perfect solution. You can create a calendar for each of your family members, then view them all from your own calendar. It’s a quick and easy way to make scheduling easier for the entire family, and the calendar is readily available on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Cozi is another popular app. Not only does Cozi help you to keep track of all of your family’s appointments and activities, but it can also store recipes, add ingredients to your grocery lists, and allow you to create and share lists of things like chores.

Start Shopping for Gear

If your child has already played soccer in the past, have them try on their gear from last year – you may be surprised to find that they’ve outgrown some things. New to soccer entirely? Contact the coach and ask for a list of gear that your child will need, like cleats and shin pads.

Start shopping as early as possible so that you have the best selection available. You may want to ask around to see if anyone’s selling their child’s outgrown gear, or look into options for buying through a store that offers lightly used gear. Keep an eye out for sales and specials so that you can save some money while still getting your child outfitted.

Begin Practicing

Encourage your child to get outside and start practicing for soccer season – but keep it fun, too. Have the whole family take part in mini soccer games, and go over basic kicking and passing skills with your child so that they’re feeling confident when the official season starts up.

If you don’t already have one, you may want to invest in a soccer goal net for backyard use. This can help your child to practice their skills and develop their accuracy, both before and during soccer season.

Find a Carpooling Solution

It’s hard to keep up with a busy family’s schedule, and chances are you won’t be able to make it to every soccer practice or game. That’s where carpooling makes an ideal solution, and GoKid can help. With GoKid, it’s easy to set up carpools with other parents, so your kids always get to their sports practices and meets.

And, because GoKid has partnered with TeamSnap, you can download your child’s soccer team roster to and event schedule into GoKid. No matter how hectic your schedule gets, or how many sports teams your kid is on, it’s easy to create carpools to get them to and from where they need to be.

Are you ready for soccer season yet? These tips can help to make the transition into the soccer season schedule easier on everyone in your family.

Source: https://www.gokid.mobi

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