5 Must-Have Foods for Your Soccer Players

5 Must-Have Foods for Your Soccer Players

If you’re going grocery shopping for your soccer players, then check out this list of five must-have foods that can help you stars develop outside of the field. 


Just one cup of spinach contains over 100 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamins A and K. Vitamin A is important for vision, while vitamin K is important for blood clotting and bone health. As an added bonus, spinach is virtually tasteless, so it can sneak into other dishes, like pasta sauce, smoothies, and muffins.


Bananas are a healthy and convenient food, making them easy to carry on-the-run. They’re also high in potassium, which is critical for muscle contraction, nerve communication, and heart health. Potassium is also one of the electrolytes lost in sweat.

Nesquik Low-fat Milk

Nesquik is at the top of my list for postgame nutrition because it contains what research suggests is the ideal 3-1 ratio of carbs to protein. The carbohydrates help replenish energy and the protein, which is not found in most sports drinks, helps repair muscles.


Salmon is a lean source of protein that helps the body with growth, maintenance, and repair. It’s also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which fight inflammation, are heart healthy, and brain boosting.

Whole-Wheat Wraps

A whole grain loaded with essential nutrients and energy producing complex carbs, whole wheat wraps are a versatile food that can be eaten any time of day—fill them with eggs and salsa to make a breakfast burrito, stuff­ them with your usual sandwich fixings, or fold in cheese, chicken, and veggies to make a quesadilla. The possibilities are endless.

Source: http://healthysoccerkids.org

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