5 Soccer Agility Drills for Kids

5 Soccer Agility Drills for Kids

Soccer is one of the most popular sports for kids of all ages. A game of soccer consists of constant short bursts of speed followed by agility skills.

In soccer, agility training builds on a player's balance, foot and body control, as well as coordination of running and handling the ball up and down the field. A good soccer player needs to be able to stop, turn, change direction, sprint and stop again for the duration of a game—all while handling a ball.

When performing soccer agility training, the key concept is form before speed. As form improves, speed will follow. The following agility drills will help kids of any age improve their soccer skills.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope helps build foot coordination and speed. Two-footed jumps, single-leg jumps and crossover jumps are the easiest jumps for all levels. If your kid doesn't have access to a jump rope, he or she can mimic the same action without a rope

5-10-5 Shuttle

Going sideways, run as fast as possible five yards to the left, 10 yards to the right, and then five back to the left.

Climb the Ladder

Start sideways at the beginning of an agility ladder laid flat on the ground. Right foot moves into the first box, followed by the left foot. The right foot will lead all the way to the end of the ladder. Your child needs to be sure he or she is placing both feet in each box. Repeat facing the opposite direction with your left foot leading.

Ladder Shuffle

Starting on the right side of the agility ladder, take a side step with your left foot in the first box of the ladder. The right foot follows and steps in the same box while the left foot takes a lateral step outside the ladder. The right foot then steps up to the next box followed by the left foot, while the right foot is stepping laterally outside the ladder. Repeat sequence to the end of the ladder.

In/Out Ladder

Start standing next to the agility ladder with the right foot in the first box. Quickly place the left foot in the same box. Right foot then moves out of the ladder and the left foot follows. The right foot leads into the second box and the left foot follows in the same box. Repeat sequence to the end of the ladder. Return with left foot leading.

Source: https://www.activekids.com

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