6 Types of Youth Sports Moms

6 Types of Youth Sports Moms

It's that time of the year again, when cute little kids wearing uniforms that are way too big try their darnedest to impress their parents while having to choose between chasing the ball or chasing the butterfly. It's youth sports time people!
And if you're like me, you both love it and hate it. I enjoy seeing my kids out on the field or court, trying their best and having a great time. But what I really don't like are all the practice times, the late night dinners, and all that driving.

But I digress.
One aspect of youth sports I do enjoy is making new mommy friends, even if it's just for the season. Making friends is hard as an adult and once you have kids, you kind of just make mommy friends through school, sports, and other kid-related activities. So when my kids start a new team, I'm like, bring on the adult interaction!

With that said, it's hard to navigate through the field of moms. Not all parents are open to making new friends- which is totally cool, too. But as a dear friend of mine pointed out to me, a friend I would have never made if not for my daughter, there are 6 types of moms you see at youth sports games and practices.

Mom #1: "Don't talk to me, I don't like people" mom-
You see her, you know who her kid is. and you might even know her name. But you would never strike up a convo with her because she frightens you a little. She keeps to herself, maybe she has her nose in a book or on a tablet during practice, and is totally fine not getting involved in anyone's business.

Mom #2: "I am friendly but you must approach me first" mom-
She is sweet, approachable and willing to help you out if you need it. She might even offer to carpool with you or bring snacks more than need be... but you would never know this unless you approach her and start the dialogue because there is no way this mom is outgoing enough to go up to you and start the conversation. But once those gates are open, you might have a friend for life.

Mom #3: "I must be productive during practice" mom-
You know you've seen her, that one mom who brings a huge reusable bag full of papers, and cuts, organizes and makes calls all through practice, effortlessly no doubt. She might be a sweetheart but you'll never know because she is a mom on a mission. Unless of course you offer to help her with one of her tasks.

Mom #4: "I am wayyyyyy too into my kids sports" mom-
That mom who won't leave the dugout or screams from the sidelines during games. She has matching everything and you know you'll hear her giving the best pep talks to her kid, no less bribing her child so that they'll do well. She kind of makes you want to scream, "It's just youth sports!"

Mom #5: "Can my kids play with you?" mom-
You were prepared and you packed a nice sized bag full of crayons, coloring books and goodies to keep your other {none player} children happy during practice. For whatever reason, mom #5 hasn't gotten to this point and pretty much asks, during every single practice no less, if her young children can play with your children and all their toys. While this is a great ice breaker for making new mommy friends, it should not be abused and/or not reciprocated. Taking advantage of other mommies is never a good thing.

Mom #6: "I love to talk and talk about everyone and need to know everything" mom- Ok, so those girls in high school that made your life a living Hell with all that gossip, well, they grew up, had babies and are now youth sport moms. And they still like to talk, talk and talk some more. Now, I have been known to talk a lot {just ask my poor mom} but talking about other people, especially those on the team is never a good idea. It's one thing to make a mommy friend and talk for what seems like days, this is actually a really good thing. But keeping it just about you two is the best approach. Gossip within sports teams just brings everyone down.

I'd love to know what mom you are! I know I'm a number 2 for sure, as I love to talk and make new friends, but hey, I will probably never make the first move. But once I get to talking, you might never shut me up!

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