Are Family Pictures Worth the Money?

Are Family Pictures Worth the Money?

Family pictures aren’t a new concept in our society. For many years, families have sat before an artist (painter, photographer, etc.) to have their family captured with a forever memory. With the advances in technology, photography has made it possible for families to have a short 30-minute session with a professional and capture hundreds of pictures.

And, while, the shoot may only take 30 minutes, the event can be pricey. If you’re considering having family pictures taken, you have to gauge whether it’s worth the money. To, hopefully, convince you, here are my top reasons to invest in family pictures.

I’m complete bias to family pictures and I’m letting you know right now! If you’re looking for pros and cons, I have no cons. Since I’ve been married, my husband and I, and now our children, have had our pictures taken every year. We work with an incredible photographer who is patient and creative in getting pictures of 3 children under the age of five!

We prepare weeks, if not months, in advance to coordinate outfits, plan the exact date, time, and setting, and scour Pinterest for different poses, shots, and angles I want for our family. Even writing this down seems a bit much. But, being this specific makes our shoot flow so well. When we arrive at the location, our photographer knows exactly what we want. He uses his creative genius to captures shots that really get to the heart of our family.

While I want that perfect picture of everyone being still and smiling at the camera, I also want candid pictures of the kids’ personalities shining through. Having this balance is perfect for making lasting memories and capturing the feeling of your family.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know, for me, having family pictures is worth the money. Just make sure to put some effort into finding a professional with experience working with kids, newborns, or whatever your family needs. Talk with a couple of photographers and get a feel of how comfortable they’ll be to work with. If you’re not comfortable, it will show in the pictures.

Then, put in some time looking at different shots you like. If you want one of your kids on Dad’s shoulders or one of you and your spouse walking hand-in-hand, etc., find one online you like and send it to your photographer so they see your style and how you want your session to go!

With a little time and money, you’ll have memories that last a lifetime!


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