Check Out These Indoor Workouts

Check Out These Indoor Workouts

Kids, and let’s face it, everyone benefits with daily exercise but the winter months can be trickier. Consider this indoor option and all you need is a safe small space, a spot in the basement will do, and the most important component is to practice with regularity. Use a lower bounce ball to prevent breakage. shares some indoor training drills for soccer players:

  • Cone dribbling –  In a one to two yard space, set up 3-5 cones.  Using different parts of their feet, ask your child to move the ball between and around the cones.  The goal is increase their comfortability with the ball and to keep their heart rates up.
  • Push – Pull – All you will need is a soccer ball.  Have your child set their foot on the ball and move it from toe to heel and back to the toe, releasing the ball slightly with each move.  The goal is to do it as quickly as possible without losing the ball.
  • Toe Taps –  All you will need is a soccer ball and a safe space. Ask your child to set one foot on the ball, then move that foot to the ground and raise the other foot to tap the top of the soccer ball. Continue the tapping while alternating the feet.  Do not place weight on the ball. Slowly increase the speed. Once comfortable with this action, they can try to move the ball slightly in other directions with each touch.  The goal is to improve their feet agility and speed.
  • Cardio Circuit Training – Consider these exercises, high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, burpees, and alternating foot hops.  The goal is to have a  good cardio workout.


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