Creating a Calendar of Events for Your Sports Season

Creating a Calendar of Events for Your Sports Season

Go Big

Whether you go with a paper and pencil or a dry erase board and marker, get a calendar big enough to handle the entire family’s events. Place it in a central location so everyone can see it. We can’t promise the kids will look at it before asking for the hundredth time what’s going on this weekend, but it’s worth a shot!

Color Coordinate

When you write on the calendar, make sure that you clearly indicate which family member’s event it is by designating a specific color for each person. Mom is pink, Dad is blue, Son is green, etc.

Be Detailed

Don’t just write the name of the event, include the start and finish time, who’s picking up the kids, what they’ll need to bring, etc. Being detailed will allow the kids to look at the calendar and prepare for the event ahead of time. And that will bring much more peace to your home.

For example, if your son has a soccer game on a Thursday evening, write “soccer game” first in green then write “5:30-7:00PM,” and if it’s your turn to bring snacks for the team, write “bring snacks.” You can even include notes to the kids like, “bring inhaler,” or other equipment they’ll need.

Creating a calendar of events might take a while, so carve out some time to gather the family and discuss all of the different events going on. Assign a color to each family member and, if you think your kiddos will forget their color, create a color key at the bottom of the calendar.

While you might not enjoy having to spend the time to create a master calendar for the entire family, you’ll love how much more organized, smooth, and peaceful getting ready for each day becomes.


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