Family Fun on a Rainy Day

Family Fun on a Rainy Day

Board Games

I mean, that’s my go to. Whether it’s a game of Chicken Foot or Monopoly (which now has no cash and comes with a card and electronic feature), board games are the perfect way to spend a rainy day. If you have a competitive family, brace for impact. These games seem innocent, but they can cause some friction.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Have the kids set up an indoor obstacle course. Include barriers to run around, obstacles to jump over, stairs to climb (if you have a two-story house) and get their heart rate up. I love this idea because it’s active and fun and they’ll definitely be ready for a nap when the time comes.


On a rainy day, a warm and gooey treat is a must in my house. I mean, the rain creates such a relaxing atmosphere that baking dessert with the kids seems like the perfect way to distract them from being locked inside. Whether you’re a gourmet chef and enjoy baking cookies or cake from scratch or a beginner who prefers frozen cookie dough, work with what you’ve got!

If you don’t want to sugar the kids up, a great alternative is to make homemade playdough! They can help make it and then get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It’s a win-win.


This one will not win the affection of your children, but while everyone is home, it’s the perfect time to clean house. Have everyone work together to accomplish tasks. And, you can make it fun. Who can clean up the most toys in 20 seconds? Who can get all their laundry to the washer first? Make it a competition and give a reward!

Rainy days inside make for the best memories. Sometimes, we need Mother Nature to remind us to soak up family time. Take advantage of your time together and do something as a family!


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