Getting Ready for a Road Trip: Organizing Checklist

Getting Ready for a Road Trip: Organizing Checklist

Make a Trash Can

Having a trash can in the car can save you from serious heartache. It keeps the car clean, keeps Mom happy, and keeps peace on a long trip—three things that are crucial in life.

You can make a trash can out of a cereal container, just place a plastic sack in the container and place the lid on it, and voila!

Bring a Shower Caddy

Yes, you read that right. It’s inevitable to eat in the car when you’re road-tripping. Buy a shower caddy to keep in the car to help the kids place their food safe and secure through the bumps and turns.

Play a Game

Road trips can be long and tiring, especially if you’re traveling with little ones. Bring a plastic tub or small basket to put between the kids that has books, games, and snacks inside. Make it easily accessible and easy for them to put back whatever they get out!

Family interaction is important when taking a long trip. Don’t forget about your sweet babies in the back, (not that they would let you, even if you could). Have some learning time by playing I-Spy, the alphabet game, and other educational games. You can also play games so your kids can learn more about Mom and Dad. Let them guess some of your favorites and you guess theirs.

Take a Nap

Have a plan for your road trip. If you have toddlers, you probably need a schedule that goes along with your day-to-day schedule. Read books, play games, sing songs, and exude some energy so that they’ll be ready to take a nap when it’s time.

Going the extra mile in planning for your road trip will be worth it when you have a peaceful car ride with no fighting, no breakdowns, and no trashed car. Or, at least one of the three!


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