Healthy Snacks for Your Growing Kids
September 04, 2020

Healthy Snacks for Your Growing Kids

It’s hard to get kids to eat healthy, especially when you have chips and processed snacks within reach. If you’re looking to change up your snacking habits, here’s a list of healthy snacks your kids will actually look forward to eating.

From added sugars to refined flour, most snacks available are loaded with unhealthy additives. But, they are so easy to grab and go that it makes them hard to pass up. Parents want quick and easy snacks for hangry kids! Luckily, we have some ideas that will provide your kids with nutritious and easy-to-grab snacks.


Or Go-Gurt. Throw them in the freezer and they become a popsicle. It’s a healthy alternative to sugar-filled popsicles and they’re just as delicious. Yogurt is filled with protein and calcium so your kids get the benefits without having to force feed them.


For a quick snack on the go, nuts are my go-to. They are high in healthy fats and filled with fiber and antioxidants. This is the perfect snack for the whole family, but especially growing kiddos, who need this extra support for growth. Just make sure your children don’t have a nut allergy before trying out different nut mixes.


I love that popcorn is a whole grain, tasty snack. Without dousing it in butter, popcorn is a healthy snack for kids. Just be careful when giving popcorn to little ones, as it can be a choking hazard.


I know it’s considered a breakfast food, but oatmeal can also be a really filling snack. Oats offer fiber that kids need to help their digestive tract. But, skip the flavored packets, as they have loads of sugar! Stick to the whole rolled oats and then you can add peanut butter, cinnamon, or some sliced apples for flavor.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Having hard-boiled eggs on hand makes for a quick and healthy snack for the kids. Eggs are a great source of protein and they are filled with vitamins and minerals. Eggs also contain carotenoids that are good for your eyes.

These are just five healthy snacks that are easy to keep around the house or in your purse when you’re on the go.


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