How To Be A Levelheaded Sports Parent

How To Be A Levelheaded Sports Parent

Nine things sports parents can do to help ensure their child has a positive experience playing sports.

  1. Know the basic rules of the sport your child is playing.
  2. Keep your opinions about the officiating to yourself.
  3. Don’t yell out instructions and tips to your kid from the sideline. It is ineffective and distracts your child. 
  4. Cheer to show your support, not to intimidate other kids or send a message.
  5. Put on a good face when your child feels frustrated after losing a game, makes a mistake or completely blows it. That is when they need you most.
  6. NEVER shout personal insults at ANYONE at a youth sports event.
  7. Smile when you child looks at you in the stands, even when they have just completely blown it. (Hint: if your child looks to you to see your reaction each time they make a mistake, take that as a sign you are putting too much pressure on them. They shouldn’t be worrying about what their parents think in the middle of game.)
  8. If you believe you have a good coach, leave the coaching to the coach.
  9. Get in the car and tell your child you love to watch them play. That’s it.


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