How to Make a Boring Summer Day Adventurous

How to Make a Boring Summer Day Adventurous

Help foster a spirit of adventure and creativity by imagining with your kids. Transform a boring summer day into a lasting memory. Here are some ideas to inspire your originality.

A Backyard Obstacle Course

Use items from around the house to create an obstacle course. Use a piece of wood for a balance beam, jump over building blocks, run through the sprinklers, etc. Allow your kids to be a part of the creative process, from building the course to completing it, this adventure will last for hours!

Music for Days

Kids love music. From playing musical chairs to creating their own instruments, there are so many ways to get creative with music. Help your kids make a guitar out of a tissue box and rubber bands or maybe even write your own song together. Music is imaginative and thought provoking. You can really get to know your child’s heart by spending time making music together.

A Homemade Swing

Maybe going to the park isn’t an option, but who says you can’t create your own playground! If you’ve got some rope and a piece of wood, you’ve got a swing! Make sure to help your kids secure it before they try it out!

Mud Pies and Messy Supplies

Have you really experienced childhood without making a mud pie in your life? Getting outside and getting your hands dirty is a rite of passage! Encourage your kids to use their imagination. Maybe it’s not mud pies. Maybe it’s shaving cream art or Jell-O art or body paint. But the freedom of getting dirty is a child’s dream. Just make sure everything is washable!

A Backyard Water Park

When you can’t make it to the water park, bring the water park home. From $5 kid pools to good old-fashioned sprinklers, your kids just want to have fun. Grab some water balloons or water guns, maybe even a slip-n-slide and let the kids create their own water features!

An Outdoor Movie

Motivate your kids with an outdoor, nighttime movie. Light tiki torches, fill the $5 kid pool up and let them watch a movie outdoors. It’s fun, it’s different, and they’ll love being outside at night!

With a little thought, you can make a boring summer into the most magical time for your kids.


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