How to Turn Your Child Into a Soccer Star
March 21, 2018

How to Turn Your Child Into a Soccer Star

As parents, you always want the best for your children, so you encourage them and support them. But sometimes, by pushing them too hard in the direction you think is best for them, they may face problems.


  1. See if your child has the talents of a soccer player. You can tell this if he or she is able to dribble (kicking ball close to your feet) and can shoot with accuracy.
  2. See if your child has any interest in the sport. Ask them if they would enjoy playing soccer or anything related to that.
  3. Encourage their interest by modeling your own.(Watch soccer with them, play soccer with them.) Sometimes joining (or starting) a soccer league of your own will help your child enjoy the game more.
  4. Send them to a soccer school or camp and watch them the first couple of days to see if they enjoy it. If they don't, you shouldn't force them to play.
  5. Put them in a fall soccer league. In some areas there are both spring and fall leagues, but because fall is the soccer season, it is usually more competitive and has better coaching than the spring leagues.
  6. Support them and be with them, even if they fail. However, remind them that it is everything and it is not all about winning. As long as they do their best and have fun, you will always be proud of them.
  7. Get trained and be a coach. Your child will understand that he can play with you more often, or play by him/herself when you are not around. It is inexpensive and takes only 3-4 hours to get trained to coach in a youth soccer league.


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