Keeping the Kids Entertained This Summer

Keeping the Kids Entertained This Summer

The most beneficial resource I’ve found is our community. Look at your city webpage to find free events going on in your area. From chick-fil-a toddler days to reading adventures at the library to building projects at Home Depot, and even Vacation Bible School events at local churches, there are so many free activities for the kids that go unnoticed.

Though some of these events are free, they still require you to register, so make sure to do your research and get signed up as early as possible.

Once you’ve scheduled activities going on in your community, you can get creative to fill in days that are blank. And let’s face it, some days will stay blank. Your kids can use some down time to recuperate and rest from a summer filled with lots of fun. Schedule some days to stay blank so you can read, practice writing, or have a family movie night!

The beauty of a child is their love for family. When you make a typical dinner special by eating on the back porch, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime. So don’t stress about extravagant summer plans. Just make ordinary days a little bit special and focus on your kids and they’ll remember your efforts and your presence.

Beyond community activities that you can send your kids to, look for free activities around your community—like the museum, splash pad parks, hiking trails, indoor play zones, etc. Plan your summer by scheduling outdoor and indoor activities dispersed evenly. One day go to the splash pad, the next have lunch indoors where there’s a play zone.

When you make each day unique with just a special touch, they’ll remember your effort, your love, and your attentiveness. Make memories with your kids and plan out time as a family. They want your time more than anything else.


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