School Supplies You Need & Some You Really Want

School Supplies You Need & Some You Really Want

School supplies are already being displayed at major retailers. And this year, there’s more deals than you can imagine. From one penny folders to one dollar notebooks, you’re going to LOVE getting supplies for your kids this year.

One major debate among parents is whether to fight the crowds for the additional savings during tax free weekend or just enjoy a leisurely stroll down open aisles. While I can’t make that decision for you, I can help you create a list of school supplies you’re required to get and some you really don’t want to go without!

School Supplies

- Spiral notebooks

- Composite notebooks

- Wide-ruled notebook paper

- Construction paper

- Manilla paper

- Graph paper

- Index cards

- Three prong folders

- Manilla folders

- Subject dividers

- Binder

- Pencil sharpener

- #2 pencils

- Mechanical pencils

- Erasers

- Pencil top erasers

- Red pens

- Blue pens

- Black pens

- Highlighters

- Expo markers

- Washable markers

- Colored pencils

- Crayons

- Paint set

- Protractor

- Compass

- Calculator

- Ruler

- Glue sticks

- Glue bottles

- Scissors

- Pencil pouch

- School Supplies Box

- Tissues

- Backpack

- Lunch box

While you’re out getting everything ready to help your kids be prepared or a new school year, think about some extra ways to help your student stay organized throughout the year.

Lunch Box Containers

You can find plastic or glass containers that sit on an ice pack to keep your kid’s lunch cool. From a sandwich container to fruit and veggie containers, you’ll have a renewed love for making lunches!

Backpack Organizer

If you have a school-age student, you know how frustrating it is to find month old papers shoved in the crevices of your child’s backpack. Consider a backpack organizer. Having a place for everything really helps your student learn the benefits of organization. Plus, it keeps the peace in your home! It’s a win-win.

Do you have any school supplies that aren’t required, but you can’t live without? Let us know!



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