The Benefits of Music with Soccer Practices

The Benefits of Music with Soccer Practices

A major task of a soccer coach is pre-practice drills and workouts. These exercises are designed to enhance a player's ability when they are on the soccer field. A persistent problem among soccer coaches is getting players to really get into pre-practice drills and workouts. 

One tactic that a soccer coach can employ to enhance participation in and benefits from pre-practice drills and workouts is the use of music in the process. There are a number of ways in which music incorporated into pre-practice player routines are beneficial. Indeed, more often than not, the full spectrum of benefits delineated in this article are realized when a coach incorporates music into drills and workouts prior to a soccer team hitting the field. 

Encourages Players to Put More Effort Into Drills

Soccer coaches can be heard complaining with regularity that their players do not really commit themselves to important pre-practice drills. These players approach drills and workouts only half-heartedly.

Introducing music into a drill and workout regimen typically enhances the level of effort soccer players put into these activities. There is no doubt that repetitive drills and exercises can prove to be not the most interesting aspect of being a soccer player. Nonetheless, the minimal entertainment value of these activities does not minimize their importance. 

Including music into drills and workouts spices the process up. Placing music into drills and workouts nearly always entices soccer players to put more personal effort into getting the most out of these exercises. 

Helps Players Keep Their Focus During Drills

Even in instances in which players may put effort into drills and workouts at the commencement of the process, they quickly lose interest. Time and again, even generally committed soccer players, lose interest in the process. With waning interest, drills and workouts become less valuable.

With the selection of suitable music, the focus of players on drills and workouts can be significantly enhanced. In selecting music to accomplish this objective, an effective coach permits players the ability to play a key role. Although this may sound as a small point, imposing music on players may have not provide a tool which results in more focused drills and workouts. 

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Continuity and Variation

When it comes to incorporating music into pre-soccer field practice drills and workouts, a coach must balance two competing factors. These are continuity and variation.

In order to get the greatest benefit from music incorporated into drills and workouts, there needs to be continuity with music utilized. What this means is that the same music does need to be utilized from one session to the next. By taking this approach, the benefits described a moment ago are consistently enhanced and maintained for a period of time. 

Noting the importance of continuity, there will real a point when benefit plateau. Consistency and continuity eventually serves its purpose and necessitates some variation in the selected music. The key is balancing the benefits of consistency and continuity with the need to replace musical selections when effects seem to wane. 

Music as a Timing Device

A practical aspect of incorporating music into drills and workouts is that it can provide an effortless timing device. Rather than monitoring stop watches and other timing devices, a coach can structure a particular drill around a specific song. The length of specific songs readily is available. This renders using songs as timing devices virtually effortless.

Music and Team Cohesion

Another key benefit that can be realized through the use of music in soccer player drills and workouts is its ability to enhance team cohesion. Team cohesion is crucial to success on the playing field. Developing soccer team cohesion and player comradery begins before players ever hit the field.

The inclusion of music in drills and workouts is demonstrably beneficial in the development and maintenance of team cohesion and player comradery. One of the fundamental reasons this is the case is because music simply makes drills and workouts more enjoyable. When a team finds a process more enjoyable, they players are far more likely to come together in a positive, productive manner. 

Resources for Music, Coaching, and Players

When it comes to taking advantage of music to enhance the engagement and participation of soccer players in drills and workouts, a coach need not reinvent the wheel. The reality is that there is a decent number of resources available to assist coaches in incorporating music into soccer practice drills and workouts. These can be found in both online and in the brick and mortar world.

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