Magic Tips for Newbie Soccer Moms

Magic Tips for Newbie Soccer Moms

Best tips for Soccer Moms you'll ever find online:


  1. Buy about three training jerseys and at least 4 pairs of socks. They usually have more practices a week. You don't want to be washing the jersey and socks after every practice!
  2. Buy your child cleats (no metal studs in the front of the shoe!). The season starts outside and usually continues inside after that. Don't buy indoor soccer shoes, before they start indoor, children's feet grow fast!
  1. Don't forget to buy shin guards. There are different kinds on the market. You have got shin guards that you just put in your socks, but you also have those with elastic bands with velcro on them that your child can put around his/her spawn. Some of these last ones come with a piece that looks like a sock, these 'socks' can be fixed or you can buy ones that you can seperate. You can wash the last one I mentioned, which is not a luxury.
  2. Make sure your child has enough water, depending on the weather.
  3. If practices are longer than usual, pack a snack too.
  4. Your child is allowed to wear thermal shirts and pants (during games too) if it really gets cold. Make sure the color matches the team colors.
  5. After practice, have them wear their sweat suit, depending on the weather (you can usually buy one with the teamlogo and their number on it).
  6. The size of the soccer ball is as following: U6 & U7-- size 3, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 -- size 4, 12 and older size 5 (at least at the soccerclubs clubs in our area). Make sure to mark the ball with your childs name.



  1. Always make sure your child bring both jerseys (home and away) to any game. You never know what color the other team might have. Of course it is their responsibility, not yours.
  2. Don't forget the soccer ball, they need it during warm up.
  3. Always pack umbrellas for everyone that is cheering for your child. You really don't want to get soaking wet, while sitting there for about 1,5 hour. Weather can change pretty quick.
  4. Don't forget chairs and blankets for everyone that attends. There are no tribunes at a soccer game.
  5. If the weather gets colder, put on layers of clothes and bring an extra blanket. Not to sit on, but to sit under.

Do's and don'ts as a parent

  1. If you want to cheer for your child, keep it positive! (But be honest too, your child will know if he/she did something wrong, they can learn from that!)
  2. Let the coach do the coaching (this is very hard sometimes, but it doesn't help your child if the coach says something totally different than his parents).
  3. Show sportsmanship! You still are an example to ALL kids on the field.
  4. Don't walk onto the field, even if your child is injured, the coach and referee take care of that. (This is hard sometimes, but those are the rules!)
  5. Never ever tell your child to 'be aggressive'. Or cheer for them when they make a foul.
  6. Make sure you know all the rules. In this way you show an interest in your kids and you know what he/she is talking about after the game. This will take a while, especially the offside rule. (The introduction of this rule starts when kids are in the U8 age group).
  7. Referees are people too, just like you. They make mistakes. A parent is not the one that should say anything to the ref, unless it is positive.
  8. Soccer is a teamsport, be sure to look at it like that. It isn't about your child scoring all the goals!
After a practice / game:
  1. The coach will talk to all the players. Don't interrupt that.
  2. Try to be at the (practices and) games as much as possible. Talk to your child about the practice / game. Ask how it went. What did the coach say to your child? Is that something he/she could practice at home? (Don't push your child!)
  3. Stay positive to your child as well. Of course you can talk about things that need some improvement too, but don't emphasize that. The most important thing is that they keep loving what they do. 

After all soccer should make them happy!


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