Tips to Help Manage Multiple Soccer Players in the Family
September 10, 2019

Tips to Help Manage Multiple Soccer Players in the Family

Youth Soccer shares some tips from a Michigan family that has 3 soccer players and another child with their own calendar of activities.  How full is that schedule and how do they manage to get everyone to practices, games and tournaments?  Organization is key as is building relationships with other soccer parents to set-up reliable car pools.  Here are some of the organization tips that the family uses:

  • create a calendar that houses each child’s schedule
  • connect with other parents and come up with a sustainable, comprehensive car pool plan
  • use a color code to represent each child
  • link the calendar to your phones and make sure you have reminder alerts
  • update the calendar regularly for changes

When going on longer road trips:

  • bring a canopy and lawn chairs
  • fill your cooler with drinks and food
  • have a good first aid kit

As with most sports, parental time and committment is a given.  Make the most of this family time, as we all know, children grow up quickly.


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