Top 10 Rules of Youth Sports: Be Sure Your Child Knows Them!
June 30, 2018

Top 10 Rules of Youth Sports: Be Sure Your Child Knows Them!

The top 10 rules of youth sports are as important for your kids to know as the 10 commandments of sports parenting are for you to know. Post this list on your fridge, in the team locker rooms, around the house, and on your car dashboard. No matter which sport your child plays, these are the real rules of the game.

Top 10 Rules of Youth Sports

  • Respect your opponent. You don’t have to like them, but you must treat them with respect.
  • Respect your coach. Even if he doesn’t play you where and when you’d like.
  • Respect your teammates. Regardless of their skill level, you can’t play the game without them.
  • Respect the refs. Remember they are human and they are doing their best to make youth sports fair and fun.
  • Be a team player. The game is not about how good YOU look or how many points YOU score. A true team player knows how to put the team first and make sacrifices for his teammates.
  • Move quickly past mistakes. Have a short-term memory when it comes to making mistakes. Focusing on them will tank your game.
  • Have Fun. Even with the hard work of practice, if you’re not enjoying the game, why are you playing?
  • Avoid comparison. There will always be athletes who are better than you. Focus on your own improvements and your own game.
  • Celebrate small victories. They are the things that every game–and everyday life–is made of. Celebrating them will motivate you to push on.
  • Always push yourself to do your best. Knowing you’ve tried your hardest–whether you win or lose–may not take away the sting of a loss, but it will leave you with a personal satisfaction that you did all you could. No regrets.


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