Transitioning from Summer Vacation to School Schedule

Transitioning from Summer Vacation to School Schedule

Move up your Nightly Routine

Summer schedule often includes late nights. But when the kids have to wake up early for school, it’s important to get them to bed earlier for a full night’s rest. Ease your kids into their school schedule by planning a couple of weeks ahead. Each week move bedtime up 30 minutes to one hour. By the end of two weeks, they’ll be used to going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier.

Establish an Eating Schedule

One of the hardest parts of going back to school is retraining the body to eat at specific times. Help your kid avoid the embarrassment of a noisy stomach by following their school eating schedule. Your kids will thank you!

Start transitioning their diet to the foods they’ll eat at school. Make a hearty breakfast to keep their energy up. For lunch, they need plenty of protein to refuel their body for the rest of the day. Being conscious of what we feed our kids and knowing how to feed them to meet the needs of their growing, learning, and changing bodies is important. Nutrition plays a huge role in the education process.

Start Brain Training

While, ideally, our kids will read and keep their brains active during the summer, it can’t compare to the amount of work they put in during the school year. Start building up their attention span and learning capacity by working on different school subjects throughout the day.

This part might be the least well received. But getting their brains working and active will be a huge advantage to them in the classroom. Go over math facts, have them read a book, practice their penmanship, etc.

Transitioning from the freedom of summer to the routine of school can be difficult for students to achieve overnight. Help your child get ahead of the game by transitioning slowly as summer comes to an end.


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