Playing Youth Soccer Has a Lot of Benefits

What Are the Benefits of Youth Soccer?

Playing Youth Soccer Has a Lot of Benefits

Considered by many one of the healthiest sports in the world, soccer has a lot of physical and mental benefits. When you get your child started young through youth soccer, you set them on a path to a healthy lifestyle right from the start. All sports claim to improve your health, and all sports offer benefits to greater or lesser extent, but youth soccer might give your kids the best opportunity to stay slim, strong, and healthy for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of enrolling your kids in youth soccer.

Physical Health Benefits

Many sports start and stop. A soccer game doesn’t pause for timeouts, and the size of the field and the difficulty of scoring goals mean that the play rarely stops for the ball leaving the field of play or for goals. This makes for games that run for 90 minutes with only one substantial break, which allows players plenty of time to get in quality exercise.

Heart Health

With heart disease causing the most deaths for both men and women in the country, cardiovascular health is on everyone’s minds. Regular soccer training is great for your heart health. Soccer has been known to lower blood pressure. In a study conducted by two European Universities and a hospital in Denmark and published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, researchers found that middle-aged men who played soccer once a week benefited more than men who listened and tried to follow their general physician’s advice. The soccer playing men reduced their blood pressure by an average of 5mmHg more than the other group. When your child plays soccer, they start off on the right foot toward having a healthy heart.

Lung Health

More than almost any other sport, soccer offers both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Players spend most of the game jogging around the field, but they also must engage in short quick sprints. When you get your child playing youth soccer, you help them improve their lung capacity. Your child will have extremely good endurance and stamina if he or she plays soccer.

Increased Strength

Soccer works muscles in a lot of different regions. Your child will work his or her legs, core, and upper body without needing to lift weights (which can be harmful until kids reach a certain age). Soccer works more muscle groups than a lot of people might think due to the fact that players need to shield the ball with their backs and nudge people off the ball with their shoulders. It offers kids a full body workout.

Youth Soccer at Drive Nation

Drive Nation offers soccer training for children between the age of 2 and 7. Our youth soccer leagues start at the age of 7 with u8 leagues. We provide youth leagues for kids up until they reach 18. If they love soccer still, they are free to continue on in our adult leagues, too. Contact Drive Nation today to learn when the next soccer league begins.  


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I’m delighted you mentioned how youth soccer can help your child’s lung capacity. They would get good endurance and stamina while playing since they will be jogging and sprinting, as you said. Since our daughter has been seeking new interests to try out, I’ll be sure to discuss this with my husband. It seems like a wonderful idea to try out. I’ll be sure to look into soccer training for her.

Victoria Addington

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