What are the best individual soccer drills for High School players?
August 26, 2019

What are the best individual soccer drills for High School players?

Soccer is a team sport and, therefore, teamwork is vital to a team’s success. Each player will have their own strength show to coach youth soccer attacking and weaknesses and working well as a team will help your kid to utilize each other’s skills and provide support and cover in the areas where others need it.

While soccer training for young children should focus on basic skills, such as passing, shooting and tackling, while also maintaining the sport’s fun and enjoyment, those reaching high school age should start to think about their part in the team, such as their defined position, duties and role in tactical plays.

However, while the importance of working as a team becomes greater, developing soccer hopefuls shouldn’t forget to continue their own personal development. Whenever your player gets the time, he/she should continue to push himself or herself in the areas where your kid excels, while also trying to improve the skills that he/she struggles with. It is important that your player regularly take time to perform various individual soccer drills for high school players in order to make himself or herself a better all-rounded player.

In order to get your child started, here are 3 individual soccer drills for high school players that he/she can perform on his/her own:

Variation dribbling – Dribbling, control

This drill will help your player to move faster while maintaining control of the ball. To perform this drill, your kid will need 8-12 cones, which he/she should set up in a straight line with approximately 2-3 ft between them.

Your player should start at one end of the cones with the ball at his/her feet and proceed to dribble through the middle of the cones, passing the ball between the inside of each foot to avoid touching the cones. Once your kid pass the final cone, he/she should turn around and sprint back to the other end with the ball at his/her feet.

To increase the difficulty, try using only one foot to control the ball throughout, maneuvering it around each cone. When your player performs the exercise, he/she should attempt to complete the circuit a little bit faster each time.

Precision shooting – Accuracy, finishing

To perform his/her this drill all your player will need is a ball, goal and 2-4 training poles or cones. The poles should be placed in the ground just in front of the goal, making up two 5 ft areas on the inside of each goalpost.

Your kid should then position the ball on the penalty spot (36 ft from the goal line) and begin to take shots at the goal, aiming to hit the ball between the poles. Once your player has successfully scored through both areas, he/she should increase the exercise’s difficulty by changing his/her starting position, either by taking a step back or moving to one side of the goal.

While developing your kid finishing, this drill will also teach your player how to place his/her shots with accuracy, allowing your player to outsmart the goalkeeper in match situations

Wall training – First touch, passing

One of the most basic individual soccer drills for soccer players at high school, wall training is also one of the best in terms of helping your kid to develop. To perform this drill, all your player will need is a soccer ball and a wall which is free from major obstructions. It is as simple as kicking the ball against the wall, judging how it will bounce back to him/her and reacting to control it adequately.

The great thing about this exercise is that it will provide your kid with feedback on his/her own passing abilities – if your player hit a poor pass against the wall, it will return back poorly. Over time your kid will become an expert in judging how much weight and power is needed to perform the perfect pass, while also improve his/her ball control in the process.

Source: https://www.soccratis.com

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