Why Invest in Sports Cards?

Why Invest in Sports Cards?

Baseball trading cards are among the most popular sports trading cards in America. The value of these cards can be astounding. From the beginning, the allure of famous sports stars has created a sense of passion in the hearts of young children, a passion that has fueled the investment in trading cards. As time has progressed, is investing in trading cards worth it?

The perfect example of the ingenuity in the art of trading cards is Brady Hill. At a young age, Hill began buying and selling baseball cards. He learned how to handle his money, be responsible, take care of his belongings, and so many more important life lessons. Then, he got an idea. He used his trading cards to buy his first car.

But, his genius didn’t stop there. After carefully handling his baseball cards, cards that he had researched and purchased with incredible intention, Hill used his collection to pay his way through college.

These life and money handling skills learned from collecting trading cards is what prepared him for his next venture -- becoming the chief executive of one the country’s largest T-shirt printing companies.

Brady Hill is the perfect example of why to invest in sports trading cards. He didn’t just have a hobby, he had a career and he didn’t even know it at the time.

Investing in sports trading cards isn’t about wasting money on a fad. It’s about investing in the future and learning foundational elements in business and character. The amount of research and time spent deciding which cards to collect and how to care for them is a hefty investment. Young people interested in trading cards have to be responsible, dedicated, diligent, and wise. The process of trading, buying, and selling requires a level of expertise and knowledge that doesn’t just happen by coincidence. It requires hours of research and a passion that doesn’t fade. 

If your child shows an interest in trading cards, support their endeavor. But, start small. Don’t buy the most expensive and popular cards on the market. Have your kids prove they’ll take care of all of their trading cards. Help them begin to research players and cards and how to invest in them. Then, buy cards that might not have that much value. Allow them to care for them, learn the art of trade, and eventually, buy and sell the cards for better ones.

Source: https://www.sportsmoms.com

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