Why Your Kids Need to Struggle

Why Your Kids Need to Struggle

Are your kids in a struggle right now in sports?

When my kids were playing sports in high school, I remember sharing my frustration with a friend. It was hard watching them struggle through their challenges.

My friend wisely commented, “The strongest kids I’ve seen are the ones who things don’t come to easily. The ones who have to fight for playing time, a spot on the team, or even just to improve, are the ones who in the end are the strongest people.”

I clung to those words a lot as my kids played sports. And now that they are young adults, I see the fruit of their struggle. If they’d skipped those struggles, they wouldn’t have developed into strong, determined adults.

Those types of battles are real and I know many of you are facing them today. But there’s another battle that many young women, including athletes, face. And that is the battle surrounding body image.

This picture is of a young lady named Kayla, who knows all about that type of struggle. She’s struggled to overcome the mental game of body shame that so many young female athletes struggle with. That’s one struggle that parents don’t want their kids to face, yet she is saying to other young women out there: Don’t skip the struggle. Don’t give in to the assumption that your body isn’t good enough, fight it! Yes, fighting that battle is hard, but don’t just accept that those lies are real. Struggle through it, and you will come out stronger for it.

I love Kayla’s story so much that I’m inviting her on my podcast in a couple of weeks. I want you to know that this is a real struggle for many young women athletes, and how you can help them fight and win that struggle.

Watch for that podcast, and in the mean time, encourage your kids to fight through their struggles, instead of running the other direction.

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