Yes, Coaches Have Expectations of Parents

Yes, Coaches Have Expectations of Parents

Ian Plenderleith shared on  Soccer America, that like parents who have expectations of their children’s coaches, coaches too, have a wish list.  Here are a possible list of things coaches hope that both parents and coaches can agree on to make the season and time spent on all sides worth every moment:

  • Game schedules are sent out in advance for planning purposes, if your player cannot attend, please work on informing the coaches well in advance of a scheduled game.
  • Managing pre-game activities is important.  Players should arrive on time for the game in their best playing condition that means well-hydrated, rested, etc.
  • Ensure that your player’s nutritional needs are met prior to the game,
  • Offer to help coaches with tasks that would alleviate the coach’s responsibilities like arranging for food and water, laundry for uniforms, transportation to away games, and perhaps even jumping in to help coach, if they ask.
  • Refrain from questions in the middle of practice/games.  Be positive with your comments and actions towards the players during the game.
  • Share with your coach discreetly, if your child has some concerns on or off the field.

And coaches can be expected to:

  • Communicate clearly and punctually at all times with the parents.
  • Hold regular parent evenings to clarify rules and team development plans to avoid mid-game/practice questions.
  • Treat all players equally, regardless of ability.
  • Take all parental concerns seriously and react promptly.
  • Be measured but firm, sincere and timely in their responses to any problems.


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