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Urban Skills Set: Mini-Goal, Hoop & 2 Targets

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The Urban Skills Set Will Make Your Kid The Best Player on The Team!

This a great training device for Young Players! Will add more fun and challenge to any training session while developing first touch, passing accuracy, reactions, technique and shooting skills!

The Skills Set includes 4 different target experiences. Test your kid’s skills, shooting and passing accuracy with each target or just let your kid have fun. Score goals targeting the Mini-Goal. Hit the Moveable Basket Hoop. Shoot through the 2 Sized Target Rings that can be fitted to any goal. Can be used by your kid for solo training in your backyard o with friends or at the park.

Key Specs:

  • Four skills targets in one! Pitch. Home. Street. Garden. Park. Alone or with friends, Your Child will Train Like A Pro.
  • For all ages and abilities.
  • Shoot into the moveable target hoop, the soccer goal target rings, or into the mini target goal.
  • Target rings can also be ground-based for control and placement accuracy.
  • Test your kid's skills, shooting and use different techniques of touch control and passing to hit each target.
  • Contains 1x Free-Standing Target Basket, 2x Target Rings which fit any goal, and 1x Mini Target Goal.
  • Can be used standalone or in a powerful combination with our Urban Skills Trainer.

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