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Soccer Crazy Rebound Trainer

The Crazy Rebound Trainer Is The Ultimate Soccer Training Kit For Young Players! Will add more fun and challenge to any training session while developing first touch, passing accuracy, reactions, technique and shooting skills!

What is The Crazy Trainer?

The Crazy Rebound Trainer is a soccer rebounder with two functional sides: sane and insane. Insane rebound net sends the ball back in unpredictable directions. Sane rebound net sends the ball back in a predictable direction. The one with a more controlled rebound is for passing and improving the first touch, and the one with unpredictable bounces is for improving reaction speeds and responses.

The net tension is strong, the frame is durable and sturdy, and there are lots of different drills your kid can do with it - very useful in improving skills for Goalies, Defenders, Midfielders, and Strikers.

The Crazy Rebound Trainer is the perfect rebounder to get the kids stared towards a lifetime of healthy active soccer. It’s portable and its convenient smaller size means it's suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Your kid can use The Crazy Rebound Trainer at home or in your backyard. You may even take it to the beach or park - have a great sporting fun for the whole family.

Watch this to see how your child will practice in your backyard with Crazy Trainer

Watch this to see how Professional Players practice with Crazy Trainer

Watch this to see how Professional Goalkeepers practice with Crazy Trainer

Key Features:

  • Strengthens Leg Muscles
  • Increases Agility, Ball Control, and Endurance
  • Develops Timing, Dexterity, and Handling
  • Improves Peripheral Vision and Flexibility
  • Dimensions: 740mm(w) x 740mm(h).
  • Package Includes: Crazy TrainerCrazy ball, Crazy timer, Activity pack with a scorecard, Throwing targets and a Carry Bag.

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30 days money back guarantee: If you don't like our Crazy Trainer - we will refund you 100%. No questions asked!

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You will receive a FREE complete interactive guide for everyday training with Crazy Trainer - teaching the moves your kid needs to make to become a better player and a champion!

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