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Soccer Lace Bands

Soccer Lace Bands

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Laces Keep Coming Undone During Your Kid's Soccer Game? Now You Can Fix This with our Lace Bands!

These Soccer Lace Bands will immediately remove flailing laces from your kid's game, allowing the children to concentrate on the game in front of them. They look good and remove a potential hazard, making them popular with children and coaches alike. Get one pair for your child!

Product Specs:

  • Soccer Lace Bands stretch to slide over cleats and stay firmly in place while playing
  • Keeps laces tied and securely in place
  • Improves the kicking surface for better ball control and spin
  • Our Lace Bands are thicker and more durable than ever before
  • Fits shoe sizes 6 to 13 
  • Suitable for any cleated shoe including Soccer, Baseball, Football, Lacrosse,
  • 1 pair (2 pieces) per pack

Allows for focus, more drills and more time on the ball.

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