Training Videos

1. Conditioning: Creating constant movement and changing of speeds

Conditioning with 3 Soccer Machine Training Aids: Double Touch and Single Touch/Trap. In doing these drills, use peripheral vision to keep your eyes on the ball and also concentrate on constant movement and acceleration. 


2. Basic techniques with inside, outside an in-step

Basic Techniques Using both the left and the right foot. Placement of the non-kicking foot, knee is over the ball, kicking with the flat area of the inside of the foot. Stay light on your feet with a bounce in your step.


3. Heal Kick, Trap and Step Over

Learn how to beat a player with a scissor kick


4. Inside/Inside, Inside/Outside, Inside/Flick, Trap/Flick, Trap/Fake Touch

Inside/Inside warmup: Touching the ball with the inside of both feet bringing your knees up as if your marching in place. 


5. Trap/Slice/Flick, Quick Double Touch, Behind Back Kick

Trap/Slice/Flick: Trap the ball to set yourself up to slice behind and flick in the opposite direction. Quick Double Touch: As ball is coming towards you, one foot will set the ball so that the other foot hits the ball in the opposite direction. 


6. Using 2 Soccer Machines: Quickness, Reaction Time and Balance

Using 2 Soccer Machine Training Aids: Stay light on your feet, quick reaction time, using peripheral vision, balance and that most important first touch.