Remote Control Soccer Robots

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Key Features

  • Intelligent Infrared Remote Control: The RC soccer robots set comes with 2 remote controllers that adopt advanced infrared technology, not only allowing for 50 ft control distance but also providing precise control. Through intelligent controllers, the robots can go backward, forward, turn left or right, even accelerate the speed at will.
  • Multifunctional Feet & Flexible Arms: The robots are able to dribble, shoot and pass freely when equipped with feet. Fast, as well as fluid motion, brings unique excitement to kids. Moreover, flexible arms accompanied by a powerful movement of swaying back and forth make the robot more alive and the game more interesting.
  • Rechargeable Battery & Safe Material: Removable battery on the back of each robot can be charged for approximately 30 minutes' gaming time, thus offering long enough playing time and wonderful enjoyment for kids. Crafted with safe material, the soccer robots toy set obtains ASTM certification and ensures added security for kids' frequent usage.
  • Parent-Child Interactive Competition: Including 2 goals, 4 sidelines and 2 balls, the soccer robots toy set creates a realistic match scene and truly immersive experience. Instead of being indulged in virtual internet games, kids join in such a beneficial game that will further strengthen emotion and interaction with parents.
  • Educational Toys for Hand-Eye Coordination: If kids want to win in the battle game, they have to pay much more attention to the perfect coordination between and among the remote controllers, robots and ball. In this way, their hand-eye coordination and concentration can be enhanced effectively through entertaining games.


The RC soccer robots set will provide an exciting soccer gaming experience for kids.

It can not only prevent the child from being addicted to internet games but also promote interaction and communication between parents and children. The most important advantage is that kids can build or strengthen hand-eye coordination in the process of operating the controller. Safe robots toy set obtaining ASTM certification is sure to be a reliable gift for your kids. Robots can go backward and forward, turn right and left flexibly once the users press the corresponding button on the remote controller. Moreover, fluid movement such as dribbling, passing, and shooting will make the game more ultra-realistic.

If you are looking for RC soccer robots set, don't hesitate to buy one now!

    • The infrared remote control allows for 50 ft distance and ensures precision
    • Robots can turn left and right freely, go forward and backward smoothly
    • Via 2 long feet, robots can dribble, pass and shoot
    • Flexible arms will sway back and forth flexibly in the match
    • Rechargeable battery ensures lasting playing time for more enjoyment
    • ASTM certification enhance user safety and reliability
    • Can be as a wonderful intermediary to communicate parents and children
    • Ultra-realistic soccer robot battle game bring much fun for kids
    • Perfect present combing educational and entertaining meaning
    • Flashing eyes make the robot cooler when turned on

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