Air Soccer Disc for Practice and Fun

Make you Kid Happy and Healthy! 🏋️🏅🎰

⚽ Don't you want your child to play through the house and take a break from his smartphone or computer screen?

🔣 The 2017 NSW Population Health Survey found that only about a quarter of children aged between 5 and 15 years did at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day. Kids aged between 5 and 17 years need at least one hour a day of moderate and vigorous activity to meet basic Physical Activity Levels. 78% of Australian Stay at Home Moms would agree on this.

💯 The Air Power Soccer Disc is so much fun to bounce around the room.  If you want him to do some healthy activity simultaneously enjoying his time, this is the solution! 

Play video below to understand how it works

    Best Features:

    Soccer + Hovercraft = Air Power Football Disc

    A powerful fan on the underside of the Air Power SoccerDisc allows the toy to glide around your house on a pillowy cushion of air. Instead of rolling, the Air Power SoccerDisc slides around on a pillow of air.

    Won't break your stuff

    The Air Power Soccer Disc was designed for indoor fun. It features a thick and heavy-duty foam bumper that ensures the safety of your furniture, walls, and other valuables. It bounces harmlessly off chair legs, walls, and pets without making a mark. 

    Glides smoothly across most surfaces

    The Air Power Soccer Disc works wonderfully on most smooth surfaces including low-pile carpet, wood floors, polished concrete, and linoleum. While possible to use the Air Power Soccer Disc outdoors, we recommend using it on perfectly level indoor surfaces.

    Tough and durable construction

    The Air Power Soccer Disc is made from durable yet lightweight impact-resistant plastic. Its thick bumper takes a beating so your furniture and walls remain unharmed. And the batteries are arranged so as to ensure equal weight distribution for a level hover. Requires four AA batteries (not included).

    Led Light 

    The built-in flashing LEDs mean the fun doesn't have to stop when the lights go out.

    Some Other Specs

    • Dimensions: 7.25" diameter x 2.3" height
    • Hovers on most smooth surfaces
    • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included, custom safety reasons)
    • Thick foam bumper protects furniture
    • Shipping 7 - 17days, tracking number available

    What are you waiting for? Get it now for your kid!

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