Borussia Dortmund Optical Illusion Light

Borussia Dortmund  Optical Illusion Lamp radiates light in a gorgeous 3D shape that will Impress Your Kid 100%

Get This Amazing Lamp and Keep Raising a Happy Dortmund  Fan


  • SMART TOUCH SWITCH & EASY TO USE - Designed for children to play with, it's one-button operation. Allows your kid to use one colour or to alternate between colours. Alternatively, he/she can use the remote.
  • ENERGY SAVER: Power spending: 0.012kW.H/24 hours; LED Life: 50k hours
  • DIMENSIONS: The Base is about 11 cm (5 in) and 3 cm (1 in) high. The Logo is 20 cm (7 in) high and 15 cm (6 in) wide
  • SHIPPING:  7 - 17 days, tracking number available
  • NO RISK on your end. If your kid doesn't like it, we will refund you 100%. No questions asked

    Watch this vid to understand how it works!


    What are you waiting for? It’s a technological miracle. Your kid wants it 100%. Get it!