Solar Glowing Soccer Ball

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Get This Amazing Soccer Ball and Help Your Child Feel Special! Your kid will become Cool & Popular!

Did your kid ever played soccer at night or when it is just a little dark outside? If you answer is: Yes, then this soccer ball is what you need.

When there is little light outside it is hard to follow a moving ball with our eyes and it is harder to concentrate on it. This ball is a life saver for your kid. It glows in the dark thanks to its technology.

It's 100% eco-friendly: this ball stores the sun’s energy inside during the day, so it doesn't need batteries. Your kid can play with it any time: all day and all night.

Watch this video to see how cool is that

Key Features:

  • The Solar Glowing Soccer Ball is recommended by Soccer Coaches Association for young players.
  • The ball is just like a regular soccer ball. It is made from high-quality materials, is very sturdy, durable and even waterproof.
  • You kid will enjoy playing soccer in twilight and dark. The ball is very bright in the dark and can be seen a few hundred yards away.
  • The Solar Glowing Soccer Ball is not available in stores in our country. This is a Limited Offer. Get it before we run out of stock!
  • 30 days money back guarantee: If you don't like our Solar Glowing Soccer Ball - we will refund you 100%. No questions asked!
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