Light Up LED Soccer Ball


Get This Amazing Soccer Ball and Help Your Child Feel Special! Your kid will become Cool & Popular!

Did your kid ever played soccer at night or when it is just a little dark outside? If you answer is: Yes, then this soccer ball is what you need.

When there is little light outside it is hard to follow a moving ball with our eyes and it is harder to concentrate on it. This ball is a life saver for your kid. It glows in the dark thanks to its technology.

It's 100% eco-friendly: this ball stores the sun’s energy inside during the day, so it doesn't need batteries. Your kid can play with it any time: all day and all night. 

This light up soccer ball can be used for so many occasions and is something the whole family can enjoy!

Watch this video to see how cool is that

Key Features:

  • The Light Up Soccer Ball is recommended by Soccer Coaches Association for young players.
  • The ball is just like a regular soccer ball. It is made from high-quality materials, is very sturdy, durable and even waterproof.
  • You kid will enjoy playing soccer in twilight and dark. The ball is very bright in the dark and can be seen a few hundred yards away.
  • These light up soccer balls are official size 3,4 and 5 balls.
  • Two super bright LED lights are used to light up these soccer balls.
  • The soccer balls are impact-activated and will stay glowing as long as you are playing!
  • The LED lights are battery operated and are included with your soccer ball.
  • This glow in the dark soccer ball is great quality and will last night after night!

One of the coolest things about these light up balls is that they are impact-activated by using Smart LED lights. As soon as you kick or bounce this glow in the dark soccer ball they instantly light up with a bright red, and will remain on for about 40 seconds until you kick it again. The light up soccer ball uses two super bright LEDs that have replaceable batteries. This glow in the dark soccer ball is a great addition to your sports equipment and can keep the fun going all night long!

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