Leo Messi Training Ball

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The Next Big Thing for Youth Soccer Practices is Here! Be One of the First Coaches in the USA to Challenge Kids with this New European Training Toll Endorsed by Leo Messi. Start this Spring Season in a Big Way!

You will get access to a FREE complete interactive video guide for training with The Messi Ball - teaching the moves kids needs to make during practices. 

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Strengthens Leg Muscles

The repeated rapping of the feet against the Messi Ball at various positions actually toughens the tendons and ligaments in the feet. The legs will gain in strength to become powerful.

Increases Agility, Ball Control, and Endurance

Agility means readily able to move quickly and easily, lightness and swiftness of action. The Messi Ball exercises assure the agile movement of the body.
The workout of the Messi Ball will increase the endurance level. Aerobically it is as effective as running or rope jumping but with added benefits. 
The running motion while training on the Messi Ball with its quick ball return, teaches the body to react to the stimulus in a similar manner as when in actual field play. Due to the pendulum action of the Messi Ball, foot contact is made at the bottom of the swing. In actual field play height of the ball could depending upon turf thickness. The idea of the Messi Ball is to unfold in the player a touch for the ball... an almost dance-like quality in handling the ball... the ability to handle the soccer ball effectively and with confidence.

Develops Timing, Dexterity, and Handling

Just as a punching bag develops in a boxer timing for hands and arms, the Messi Ball develops timing for the feet and legs.

Not only does Messi Ball helps kids to keep from falling down so easily, but it also helps develop a great balance in the ability to use both feet to play. Often a seemingly good player will be using one foot to make most of his soccer moves, the Messi Ball will help in gaining equal dexterity in both feet.

Improves Peripheral Vision and Flexibility

Peripheral vision is being able to see what is going on around beyond what a kid is actually focusing on. He/She will be able to look over the field of play after consistent training on the Messi Ball, thanks to being very familiar with the feel of the soccer ball at the feet. Kids will be aware of what is going on around them while still controlling the ball.

Many sports-related injuries are due to poor flexibility. The use of a wide variety of the Messi Ball exercises will condition and stretch the necessary muscles that are required for many soccer moves. For example, the inside thigh, outside thigh, the calf and ankle muscles will benefit.

Improved Agility For Both Feet

It develops faster feet and more explosiveness equally for both legs. Dynamic quick step movements will be utilized to improve feet speed. Utilizing intelligent step sequences kids will find their feet game improving fast. With a combination of smart movements, both forward and laterally kids will build hip flexor strength for better speed, agility and technique. If this is new to you, don't worry, you'll get video examples for everything. Our unique, game-specific, functional footwork style of training will transform children into consistent players. Through our training kids will ooze confidence when the ball is at their feet in real games.

Improved Ball Coordination

Trains players’ kinesthetic ability (millions of touches of the ball). Perfects ambidextrous performance (two-footed player). Makes mastery and control of the ball better thanks to repetition with greater precision in moving with and touches to the ball.

Improved First Touch

The Messi Training Ball will help children develop a first touch that will become automatic; whether that’s killing the ball when they have the time or taking a progressive tough that takes them into space and away from pressure. Having a good first touch is something that all elite players must-have.

Improved Body Position

Forms the correct body positions for soccer and prevents the development of postural problems, chronic injuries. Increases sensitivity to acoustic signals (sonification, the sound of the touch of the ball).

Improved Brain Learning

Develops autonomous, self-regulated learning. Improves perception, coordination, timing, attention, and concentration (rhythm influences cognitive aptitude).

Improved Soccer Culture

Develops work ethic and learning sport habits, appreciating the importance of rhythm and consistency when mastering new skills. Improves each gesture and movement by understanding the execution process better.

Watch this Boy's Skills after 2 weeks of training

Kid Will Be Inspired to Play Like Superstar Lionel Messi
To be the best, kids must train like the best! The Messi Training Ball will improve various aspects of kids' game so they can play like the great Messi. Perfect for ball control, dribbling, foot-eye coordination, shooting, agility and much more.

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