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Messi Soccer Trainer + Free Video Course

Messi Soccer Trainer + Free Video Course

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The Messi Soccer Trainer is NOT SOLD IN STORES!

Recommended by Soccer Coaches for the following reasons:

Improved Agility For Both Feet

It develops faster feet and more explosiveness equally for both legs. Dynamic quick step movements will be utilized to improve feet speed. You'll get video examples for everything. Our unique, game-specific, functional footwork style of training will transform your child into a consistent player. 

Improved Ball Coordination

Trains players’ kinesthetic ability (millions of touches of the ball). Perfects ambidextrous performance (two-footed player). Makes mastery and control of the ball better thanks to repetition with greater precision in moving with and touches to the ball.

Improved First Touch

The Messi Vibe Trainer will help your child develop a first touch that will become automatic; whether that’s killing the ball when he/she has the time or taking a progressive tough that takes him/her into space and away from pressure.

Develops Timing, Dexterity, and Handling

Just as a punching bag develops in a boxer timing for hands and arms, the Messi Trainer develops timing for the feet and legs.

Strengthens Leg Muscles

The repeated rapping of the feet against the Messi Trainer at various positions actually toughens the tendons and ligaments in the feet. The legs will gain in strength to become powerful.

Watch this to Recap

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Easily Adjustable

Its ergonomic handle means that our Messi Trainer can be just as easily used with your right or your left hand. The handle is conceived to also allow quickly adjusting the length of the string to player height.

Eco-friendly Materials

The ball was designed in Spain and comply with European REACH standards, and so it contains just environmentally friendly materials.

Video Program - Full Course

Your kid will gain access to a complete didactical video program that gets increasingly complex in accordance with the specific needs of each player. 

Easy Access

You can watch these lessons on a computer, tablet or your phone. In most cases the best way to go about this is by watching a few videos on a computer at home one time. Just watching. Then go outside with a phone and start executing the exercises as described in the program, with the correct technique. 

Self Coaching

The Video Program was created by us around the concept of self-coaching. What do we mean by that? You'll see lots of exercises in this program. Your kid will be able to make most of them in solo mode somewhere around the house. All great players train by themselves in addition to team practice. 

    Not in Stores & Top-notch Quality

    You won't find this product at your local store or on Amazon. This is a high-quality trainer, #1 on the European market, as good as it gets! Our offer is exclusive and limited: first come, first served. Take advantage now!

    Money-Back Guarantee

    If our product doesn't meet your expectations - we will refund you 100%. No hassle! No questions asked!

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    You always Fast Shipping when ordering with us. 

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