Portable Resistance Adjustable Mini Magnetic Elliptical Stepper Machine

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Design for Safety and Comfort: This Stepper is designed with two large, non-slip textured pedals to secure your feet. The elliptical motion protects your knee joints from injuries. This portable machine can be used for a workout either while seated or standing making it very flexible and convenient.
  • Flywheels Combined with Silent Belt Drive: The balanced flywheel creates more momentum for a longer time allowing you to go for longer distance creating real outdoors jogging experience. Furthermore, silent belt drive mechanism ensures smooth and whisper-quiet operation so you can workout discretely without disturbing anybody around you.
  • Adjustable Tension Levels for the Different Motion: This elliptical stepper has an excellent tension control system allowing you to adjust the tension level manually for an easier or more difficult workout. With a tension knob step adjustment you can stimulate the exercise effects of real jogging and climbing. Thus this elliptical stepper meets the speed, strength and endurance requirements of a wide variety of users.
  • LCD Display Monitor to Track Exercise Data: This stepper is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD screen for keeping track of your motion parameters in real time, such as time, speed, distance, and calories. You will be able to see your exercise results keeping you motivated directly.
  • Easy to Carry and Store: Featuring compact and lightweight design with two bottom transport wheels this stepper is quite easy for you to transport this elliptical stepper to home or office space. When you finish the exercise, you can put it in the corner or under your table or desk


This stepper makes it easy and convenient to do some useful exercise and burn those extra calories while watching television, reading a book or working on your computer.

Designed with two large, non-slip textured pedals to secure your feet. The pedal motion track is elliptical, which simulates the actual running trajectory to protect your knee joint from injuries. This stepper has 5.5lbs balanced flywheel with the belt drive mechanism for smooth and quiet workouts. Additionally this Elliptical Stepper is very flexible and can be used according to your convenience when seated or. Its compact design and lightweight enables you to take it anywhere you want so you can effortlessly fit your cardio workout into your daily schedule.

With today's busy life, this mini stepper will provide you with a convenient and easy way to exercise.

    • Adjustable tension knob to control your workout intensity level
    • Elliptical motion track of the pedal protects your knee joint from injuries
    • Perfect for body training, muscle building, weight loss, cellulite reduction, promoting blood circulation and metabolism
    • Display monitor helps to keep track of the exercise data, such as speed, time, calories, and distance
    • Magnetic resistance and balanced iron flywheel keep the pedal smooth in motion
    • 5.5lbs balanced flywheel with the belt drive mechanism for smooth and quiet workouts
    • Designed with two large, non-slip textured pedals to secure your feet with high comfort
    • Can be used for workout both when you are seated or standing, convenient and flexible
    • Compact and lightweight design with two small transport wheels, making it easy to transport to home or office
    • Ideal for gamers to get an effective workout while playing video games

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