Sean Tackles London: A children's book about soccer and teamwork.

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(Sean Wants To Be Messi) (Volume 3)

Sean, a nine-year-old aspiring soccer player, goes on the biggest adventure of his life: he travels to a FC Barcelona soccer camp in London for his summer vacation.
He will visit London's famous landmarks, challenge himself and his parents, learn the power of teamwork, and do his best to get picked for the Barca youth world tournament.

Winner of MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS 2018
Honoring Excellence-Trusted Worldwide by Parents & Educators

A relatable, easy-to-read adventure about a boy who loves soccer and his modern-day family vacation.
Beautiful illustrations by Elettra Cudignotto.

Book quote: "If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together " – African proverb

This chapter book is a part of a series, but it easily functions as a stand-alone book.
It is suitable for kids ages 6-10 (reading level 3, 1st through 4th grade).
Ideal for early readers or to be read aloud by a parent as a bedtime story. 

About the US/UK editions: Each of the books in this series has two editions: US & UK. This is due to the fact that the beautiful game is referred to as SOCCER in the US, and FOOTBALL in the UK.