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*Special Sale to Keep Kids Active during Coronovirus Lockdown! 90% OFF!

Soccer Shouldn't Stop for Your Kid during Coronavirus! Specialists Recommend that your Child Should Keep Improve his/her Skills by Training in Solo Mode Around the House. This Course Will Be the Private Coach Your Kid Needs So Much During Coronavirus Lockdown!

We made the course because these self-coaching lessons are the best way to improve skills for all kids during this tough time. Online streaming is the name of the game with kids' soccer!

This Course was created around the concept of self-coaching. What do we mean by that? You'll see hundreds of exercises inside. Your kid will be able to make most of them in solo mode somewhere around the house. For some of them, he/she will need a partner. Your kid will be guided by our friendly coach the whole time.

10 Benefits of this Course:

    1. ⚽Improving Technique: ball control, dribbling skills, passing accuracy, body control
    2. ⚽Increasing Strength: speed, explosive power, and overall agility skills
    3. ⚽Upgrading Game Intelligence – spatial awareness, tactical knowledge, risk assessment
    4. ⚽Winning 1v1 attacking and defending situations
    5. ⚽Scoring goals like Ronaldo and Messi
    6. ⚽Methods taught in this course are inspired by Brazil, Argentina, England, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal best practices. Used by players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Ibrahimovic, Alex Morgan and... maybe your kid will get on this list someday.
    7. ⚽This video program is mobile-friendly (Computer, Phone, Tablet) and you can access the content anytime in your secure members' area 24/7
    8. ⚽You have a one year 200% guarantee. What does it mean? If you think this course didn't help your kid, you get your money back, and you keep the course. No questions asked!
    9. ⚽If you order today, you save a lot of money. The regular price is $50!
    10. ⚽ If you will have questions about a piece of information inside the course, simply Send a Message and we will answer 24/7!

NOTE: *We reserve the right to stop this special sale anytime due to our bandwidth limit for streaming. Limited spots available!

IMPORTANT: You can request a refund for one year after purchase! Get the course now and if you don't like it, we will refund you the same day. No questions asked. Yes! We are that sure you'll be impressed with this course! 

Watch a short presentation of the course

Help Your Child Improve Skills While Other Kids Are Doing Nothing

While most of your kid's teammates will stay home playing video games, your child can actually improve technical skills like shooting, passing, touch, and 1v1 dribbling moves by training an extra 30 minutes a day guided by our couch!

The Self Coaching Course has been developed over years working with youth players ranging from 4-18 years old. The course will provide a platform of foundation techniques that will help develop any young soccer player.

The course provides 7 hours of UltraHD video content. The course is structured in 10 lessons, subdivided into blocks of exercises dedicated to specific skills:

  1. Control the Ball like Ronaldinho
  2. Passing like David Beckham
  3. Shooting like Messi and Ronaldo
  4. Defending Italian Style
  5. Soccer Tricks to Impress Teammates and the Coach
  6. Physical Training - The German Way 
  7. How to Find Spaces like Wayne Rooney
  8. Dribbling like Messi
  9. Tiki Taka Coordination
  10. Set Pieces South American Style

    98% of Soccer Moms on our customer list would recommend this course to one or more friends. Learn what our Moms are saying:

    "Simple truths that are often not taught to young players. Having a sense of why should be played properly has helped my son move up this season. Easy and basic but so helpful." - Allison Williams

    "My son is 13 and has just started showing an interest in being a defender. He was able to understand this course and put some of the techniques to work right away. I would recommend it for anyone starting out as a field player or anyone that wanted to improve their skills." - Cory Langford

    Have to say what a great course! It has added additional structure to my babe's home training. It's also added so many additional training exercises. Really refreshing view. My daughter loves the opportunity to show her skills via the exercises from the course. She just started... hope she will have great results! Lots of terrific tips and advice. She can't wait for a new course from you guys!" - Mia Freeman

    "What happens if your course isn't as good as you say?" - you may ask. Don't worry. If you don't like it we will refund you 100%, no questions asked. So there is no risk on your end. Nothing stops you from helping your kid right now!

    Help your child stay active this spring! What are you waiting for? Get this course now!

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