Soccer Dribble Goggles

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The Dribble Goggles Will Make Your Kid a Better Soccer Player!

Our Dribbling Goggles are for the optimal training of ball control. The dribbling goggles prevent your kid from looking down. Your child will be forced to dribble the ball without seeing it. In addition, the field of view is not restricted. The Dribble Goggles force the player to hold his/her head high while controlling the ball, so as to be able to oversee the playing field.

Through the blocked view of the ball, the goggles teach the recognition of play situations, promote the development of the game intelligence and the ability to play! The goggles improve the reaction time against the defensive players and increase self-confidence on the playing field. An adjustable elastic strap and a soft, flexible plastic sleeve ensure high wearing comfort. 

Product features:

  • Restrict the downward vision for forcing the players to learn to dribble by feel
  • Master ball handling
  • Soft plastic is flexible and comfortable to wear.
  • No danger of glass breaking, no glass in goggles.
  • Adjustable strap in back for comfort and fit
  • Prevent you from looking down
  • Improves reaction time against defense players
  • Increases self-confidence on the playing field


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