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Urban Return Ball

Urban Return Ball

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Eliminate the frustration of lost time when training. The Urban Return Ball allows your kid to hit shot after shot, each time the ball will return to your kid's feet. It's a soccer ball on a string that comes back to you.

The Return Ball allows players to practice shooting, short and long passing, volleying, free kicks and freestyle - and the ball always comes back to you! Easily adjustable cord length for different spaces, distances and drills. Works on any surface, indoor or outdoor. Size 5 ball can be removed and used independently.

Bungee cord means the ball always comes back to you no matter what drill or technique you are practicing. No more fetching the ball. It allows many different drills to be practiced in small and large spaces.

High-quality size 5 ball can be removed and used independently for free play.


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Your child will spend their time improving shots and skills, not chasing after balls and searching around behind fences for wild shots. Your kid will practice shooting, crossovers, passing, and penalty kicks, alone or with others. Set the cord length to suit the type of activity and the available area. The adjustable cord allows your kid to practice long-range shots and passes, as well as short to mid-range training drills.

The durable design works well for both home and league use, and adjusts easily to suit the available space.

The Ball lets your kid get maximum practice time, with minimum chasing after missed shots. He.she will use their practice time to their best advantage.

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