SOCCER FOOD - The Ultimate Guide to Your Kid's Nutrition

Soccer Moms Shop’s E-book by Sports Dietitians Australia Reveals Little-Known Facts About What a Young Soccer Player's Diet Should Look Like!

In SOCCER FOOD we covered the bases about how children can use nutrition to their advantage, just like the pros. The right foods and drinks can help your kid become a better player. This E-book provides you with the secret formula you want so much to know. Follow the rules you will find in this Guide and meanwhile, some moms only dream about meeting their favorite professional soccer player, you will raise yours - he will call you: Mom!

According to the author of "SOCCER FOOD", Accredited Sports Dietitian Lisa Middleton "Young athletes need to eat the right foods, in sufficient amounts, at a specific time. In a young athlete does not follow the lifestyle of a good routine then they will not perform as well as they could. They will have less energy than their teammates and opponents that are following an appropriate food plan. These rigours of soccer training and tournament weekends will make a nutrient deficient child more susceptible to injury and illness."

We know that you are a good mother and you follow our site to learn more about how to grow a healthy baby and a fine soccer player. We hope you enjoy our blog posts and our advice for you.  Let’s help you even more.

78% of Australian Soccer Moms would agree that most of the time they would need to refer to a physician or healthcare provider for additional information, but always something interferes. We solved this problem by creating the most accessible E-book about Soccer and Food for your kid's well being.

"This E-book addresses a very serious issue in Soccer: How a Child Should Eat! Youth soccer features increased physical demands during match-play, as well as a larger number of matches per season. Now more than ever, aspects related to performance optimization are highly regarded by both players and their parents. Here, nutrition takes a special role as most parents should provide an adequate diet to guarantee maximum performance while ensuring a faster recovery from matches and training exertions for their children. This detailed and comprehensive guide addresses the most relevant and up-to-date nutritional recommendations for young soccer players. In this E-book Australian Mothers and Fathers will find all the information they need to impact on the optimization of kid’s soccer performance."

Mark Williams, Author of “Science and Soccer: Developing Elite Performers”


Let’s discover together the lifestyle changes that will make a world of difference in your kids playing career starting today! You’ll learn how to do it while having fun! We promise.

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