Your Child Will 10X Improve His/Her Soccer Skills In A Month Training With Our Hurdles! This Kind of Skills Will Skyrocket His/Her Soccer Future!

Increase agility. Improve performance.

Outstanding footwork is essential for any field sport athlete. Use the agility hurdles  to reach peak footwork performance. Made with PVC, these hurdles can withstand the wide range of weather of conditions that can occur during outdoor training. 

Why you'll love them?

Though basic in structure, hurdles are some of the most versatile pieces of training equipment available. They are a great way for athletes to build power, enhance agility, speed and coordination, and improve overall athletic performance. They are ideal for training athletes in a wide variety of field sports: football, soccer, track and field, lacrosse, field hockey and more. Making them a great investment for coaches, school athletic departments, as well as athletes in a variety of sports. These hurdles are tough enough to handle the roughness of practices, but also light enough to and keep players safe if they make contact with them. You can use one set create a variety of drills, or buy several sets at varying heights to mix and match. You won't believe how many drills you can run with these hurdles!

For speed, agility and plyometric drills, it's hard to beat hurdles. That's why these all-purpose hurdles are designed to stand up to the biggest beatings and heaviest soccer players. Lightweight, durable and featuring bounce-back construction, they come in packs of five.


  • Highly durable, multi-directional speed, agility, and plyometric hurdles
  • Bounce-back construction
  • Superior, one-piece twist design
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to store
  • Includes five 6-inch hurdles


The 5X Hurdles are made of lightweight, yet extremely durable material that maintains shape after being stepped on. With little to no bounce back, these hurdles bring proven performance.


It’s hard to match the training benefits of a good speed, agility or plyometric drill using hurdles. And these hurdles are unmatched when it comes to durability and ease of use and storage.


Like their name implies, the 5X Hurdles come in a convenient five-pack with a handy carrying case, making the hardest drills that much easier to set up and take down.

Watch this video to see how your kid can improve his skills at home⬇️⬇️

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