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The Solo Training Soccer Set Will Make Your Kid The Best Player On The Team

Your Solo Training Soccer Set includes one VibeBall, one Agility Ladder and one pack of Footwork Cones - both useful for the set of exercises we'll provide. Also a complete didactical program and 50 exercise videos for your child. Each exercise contains an in-depth explanation of how to perform the task and what you must pay attention to, either as a player or a parent. 

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Develops autonomous, self-regulated learning. Improves perception, coordination, timing, attention, and concentration (rhythm influences cognitive aptitude).


Forms the correct body positions for soccer and prevents the development of postural problems, chronic injuries. Increases sensitivity to acoustic signals (sonification, the sound of the touch of the ball).


Trains players’ kinesthetic ability (millions of touches of the ball). Perfects ambidextrous performance (two-footed player). Makes mastery and control of the ball better thanks to repetition with greater precision in moving with and touches to the ball.


Develops group work and learning (team building) appreciating the importance of rhythm when learning new skills. Improves each gesture and movement by understanding it better.


Your kid will gain access to a complete didactical program and 50 videos that get increasingly complex in accordance with the specific needs of each player. Thanks to its conception and the online exercise videos, a player who practises with our VibaBall makes an average of 500,000 touches of the ball in a season, whereas it is calculated that a professional soccer player, in all of the matches and training sessions in which he participates, makes a maximum of 50,000 touches of the ball per season.


We want to guarantee that there will be a neurological effect in the brain during the learning process. This is why during all the training sessions a number of didactical and organizational principles need to be respected. Practicing with our VibeBall is also useful for anticipating (and therefore preventing) “brain shutdown”. A certain number of exercises are based on the construction of new neuronal pathways to ensure that the learning process is optimal and to improve physical and mental performance.


Myelination is the recording of information in the long-term memory. Players’ bilateral (left/right) activity is optimized by using our Solo Training Soccer Set as it enables them to perform, either alone or in a group (therefore rhythmically), various different exercises. The basic principle is to constantly alternate between left and right foot, thus ensuring. The practice of this Soccer Kit enables developing specific skills for soccer, reacting more quickly and gaining in rhythm.


Our experience enables us to note that young players love training with our Solo Training Soccer Set. Traditional warm-ups, that they usually find boring, can be advantageously accompanied or substituted by a Self-Training session. After fifteen minutes’ practice, they will already have touched the ball between 1,000 and 1,500 times. It improves the performance of all children by making their leg movements quicker and more varied.


There is nothing sadder than seeing your child wanting to play soccer when he/she can't.  But don't worry, we got this covered also. For numerous cases of injury, the player can keep his muscles toned and refine his technique, indoors or outdoors, with less risk of aggravating his injury.

Key Features:

Conceived For Intensive Use

With a circumference of 19 inches (48 cm), the size of the ball makes the player concentrate and eliminate aggressive, wild kicks. So, the player’s capacity for learning, his perception, and coordination increase notably.

Easily Adjustable

Its ergonomic handle means that our Kit can be just as easily used with your right or your left hand. The handle is conceived to also allow quickly adjusting the length of the string to player height.

Eco-friendly Materials

The ball contains no PVC, which does not comply with European REACH standards, and so it contains just TPU, which is more environmentally friendly.

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