Speed and Strength Leg Resistance Bands

L3 Advanced Athlete - Red, Orange, Green, Blue, and Black
L2 User Weight Under 110 - Grey, Green, Teal, and Yellow
L1 User Weight Over 110 - Red, Orange, Green, and Blue
  • Increase Speed and Agility By Building Hip Strength and Explosiveness.
  • Incorporate Kbands Training During Sport Specific Drills For Improvements In Mobility, Strength and Speed
  • Athlete Under 110 lbs: 2 Grey 10 lbs, 2 Green 12 lbs, 2 Teal 15 lbs, 2 Yellow 20 lbs
  • Lifetime Warranty on Resistance Bands: Our warranty will give you the freedom to train harder than ever before. Sprint, jump, and change direction with comfort with our unique light weight nylon swivel clip design. There is no extra weight or bulky clips to get in your way.
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